In 1988 the five existing Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Departments recognized the need to organize themselves in order to improve fire protection and medical services to all citizens located in Montgomery County but outside of the City of Montgomery. MCAVFD provided a common and legal entity to seek stable funding, establish fire district lines, support and promote volunteer departments, share ideas and experiences, and to develop reciprocal aid agreements between the departments. A few short years later, the number one problem within the county was clearly identified….. the lack of stable revenue sources. A  legislative committee was formed with members from each department to research and develop a possible fire tax bill. Town hall meetings were held across  the county explaining the benefits to citizens that better funding leads to better fire protection services. As a side benefit, better funding also meant better ISO ratings which led to significantly lower homeowner insurance costs. Those within 5 miles of a fire station and 1000 ‘ of a fire hydrant that got a rating of ISO 6 versus ISO 10 (unprotected) could possibly see a 50% reduction in their insurance premiums. Amendments number 551 and 711 were passed with an overwhelming majority to provide Montgomery County with a revenue source to build the departments facilities and purchase fire trucks. As the ratings came down, so did the cost of insurance while simultaneously improving the level or fire protection and medical services. Since that time,  fire district lines were changed to allow for new departments and three additional departments were formed. “The boundaries of the fire districts may be rearranged at the discretion of the county association as they deem necessary, from time to time, to maximize fire protection services in the county” is part of the original amendment. This insures that all areas of the county are covered. In the early 90’s we had 5 fire stations in the county outside of Montgomery and today we have more than 20. The ultimate goal is to have a fire station within 5 miles of all county residences.

Today, the MCAVFD is run by a 16 member board with two voting members from each of the 8 departments within the county. Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday (7:30 pm) at the Rolling Hills VFD located on Trotman Road. Meetings are open to the public. Join us any time. This website is designed to provide information relating to this association and provides links to other individual member department websites as well as other helpful links.